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Last Updated January 5, 2015


What is the scope of the project?

This project has many different elements that are part of a new overpass and freeway ramp. This overpass will extend from the existing Farrington Hwy Overpass in Kapolei to the hillside East of Wet and Wild Waterpark. The new freeway ramp will also be in the hillside East of WetnWild Waterpark and can be accessed from the WB lanes of the H1 freeway.

This project includes the following:

900 LF of water line relocations

4000 LF of new Storm Drains,

5000 SF of Soil/Shotcrete Retaining Walls

50 Drilled Shafts

35,000 LF of Electrical and Communication Utilities

18 New H1 Freeway Signs

1 New Freeway Off ramp with Concrete Paved Approaches

1 New Freeway Overpass

New railing on the existing Farrington HWY Overpass

Widening Farrington HWY between the Farrington HWY and Kalaeoloa Overpasses

Why is this project being built?

The Kapolei Interchange will help reduce traffic congestion through Kapolei as well as make travelling within Kapolei more convenient.  In the near future, the city is expecting at least an additional 20,000 homes in the Kapolei area before 2040.  The Kapeolei interchange project and projects like it will be needed to accommodate the additional cars on the road. 

How long is this project going to take to  be completed

The project will take approximately 26 months to complete.  We anticipate that over 100,000 work hours from the project staff will be needed to complete construction. 

How much is this project going to cost?

The project will cost just under 50 Million dollars and is 100% federally funded. 

How will the project affect commuters during construction? 

The project will have a minimal effect on the traveling public. Most of the construction will be completed without needed any road closures which will not affect traffic at all. There is construction that will take place on the freeway shoulders that will require a single lane closures which will not be in place during peak driving hours. For a short time the project will require full H1 EB and full H1 WB road closures which will be in place at night after peak traffic hours. 

How will I know about road closures?

Traffic Closure notifications will be released prior to any road closures. This information will be available on the DOT website and also through other local media.  Message boards will also be placed along H1 before any full closures or detours to help notify the public. 

Will this project affect any local businesses?

No local businesses will need to be closed while construction takes place. The project team has been working with adjacent businesses since before construction begins order to mitigate any potential impacts.